Pamela Medina is the only candidate with a legal practice focused in probate, guardianships, wills & trusts. She is the only candidate endorsed by the three non-partisan legal association that screen all candidates. She will make history as the first minority to serve as a probate judge in Harris County.


About Pamela Medina

Pamela Medina asks for your support and vote for Judge of Harris County Probate Court No. 2, as the imminently qualified and compassionate candidate.

Pamela was licensed by the Texas Supreme Court in 2007. She is the owner of Medina Law Texas, PLLC. Her practice areas include estate planning, estate administration, trusts, guardianships, probate litigation and general civil litigation.

Pamela Medina began her legal career as a law clerk with the 269th Civil District Court in Harris County. Pamela drafted legal memoranda, performed legal research and analysis of statutory law and legal precedent, conferred with the judge to prepare for hearings and worked with the judge during court proceedings.

Following that, and prior to establishing her law firm, Pamela Medina was a Vice President at Cadence Bank, N.A., in their corporate trusts and estates asset management division. Pamela provided personal trust administration and financial planning to middle to high-net-worth individuals and families. She also provided trust administration for trusts created by probate and state district courts after the trust beneficiary was deemed incapacitated or was a minor. Pamela Medina also served as estate administrator, either by testamentary bequest or by court appointment.

Pamela Medina is a proud native Houstonian. Her mother, Vera Vasquez, is from Fifth Ward and her father, Ralph Vasquez, is from Second Ward. Pamela attended the Gifted and Talented Vanguard program in Houston public schools. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas, in Austin -Texas’ flagship university. Pamela spent six years teaching in the Houston Independent School District, initially teaching children with special needs and coaching teachers on inclusion modalities, then teaching bilingual students.

Following that, Pamela followed her life dream and obtained her juris doctorate. She graduated cum laude, from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, an historically black college or university, where the law school held the distinction of being the most diverse in the nation.

Pamela loves coordinating gatherings and community service projects with her large family, the Vasquez clan. She loves Facetiming along with her husband of six years, David, with their children, Ashley and Auggie, Milan In Madrid, Spain and grandchild, August, and Astros home games with their sons, Adam, Vincent and Wayne. Her passions include voter education and outreach, supporting access for all to strong educational opportunities and mentoring law students.

Pamela Medina is imminently qualified to serve as your judge. She is a strict adherent to the rule of law and has an unbiased approach to legal issues. Pamela’s calming and patient nature will provide great judicial temperament. She has a keen ability to listen with compassion and an attention to detail. Pamela’s intellect, demeanor and compassion are much needed in the probate court where often the parties are experiencing a difficult life event - coping with a lost loved one, or a family member needing court intervention due to their diminished capacity and consequent need for substantial care and support.

Pamela strives to live out her childhood role model's words: "It is a privilege to serve people, a privilege that must be earned, once earned, there is an obligation to do something good with it." Barbara Jordan

Pamela Medina asks for your support and your vote. She is the imminently qualified and compassionate candidate ready to serve Harris County and to make history as the first probate judge in Harris County to be Latina and bilingual.

Pamela Medina for Judge



Senator John Whitmire, Rep. Christina Morales, Rep. Penny Morales Shaw, Rep. Jessica Farrar, Rep Ana Hernandez, Rep. Armando Walle, Council Member Mario Gallegos, Hon. Gracie Saenz, Hon. Richard Vara, Hon. Esmeralda Garcia, Justice Jim Sharp, Hon. Levi Benton, Hon. Jose Lopez, Hon. Marc Carter, Hon. David Medina, Adriana Tamez, HCC Trustee, Eva Loredo HCC Trustee, Elizabeth Santos, HISD Trustee, Connie Esparza, Aldine ISD Trustee, Crystal Davila Pasadena ISD Trustee Benny Agosto II - Past President Houston Bar Association, Randall Sorrels -Past President State Bar of Texas, Roland Garcia - Past President Houston Bar Association, Dean Gary Bledsoe, Texas NAACP President, Mike Doyle - President Harris County Democratic Lawyers, Juan Vasquez - Past President Mexican American Bar Association Houston


Tammy Manning, Cynthia Pickett, Tama Klosek, Max Tribble, Sarah Patel Pacheco, Dale Jefferson, Elizabeth Leicht, Bryn Poland, Lawrence Eulette, Ariel Harris, Joe Savoie, Jocelyn Slater, Jeff Watters, Crispin Clark, Sanford Dow, Sylvanus Polky, Rusty Hardin, Geoffrey Sansom, Michele Goldberg, Nicole Davis Suzanne Kornblitt Patrick Flynn, John Strohmeyer, Kenneth Krohn, Howard Reiner, Seth Nichamoff, David Cook, Sharon Stodghill, Mary Galligan, Russ Jones, Joel Norris, Sally Spratt Andrews, Jeaninne Flynn, Robert Stanfield, Melanie Bragg (also remove her from the other group Attorneys/Professionals)


Dr. Lesia Crumpton-Young, Ben Hall, Richard Stoneburner, Michael Smith, Nicole Agosto, Alex Farias Sorrels, Gilbert Garcia, Lonnie Johnson, Sandy Dow, David Calvillo, Irma Galvan, Donna Aversano, Steve Kherkher, Juan Garcia, Hilda Sibrian, Angela Siler Fisher, M.D., Elizabeth Leicht, Jacob Monty, Neal Manne, Angela Myers, James Benham, David Miller, Christine Kirchner, Terry O'Rourke, Glen Austin, Eric Carter, Al Castillo, Freddie Blanco, Blanca Blanco, Lindsey Vasquez, Chevazz Brown, Hylary Tyson, Helen Holman Daniels, Kathryn Williams, Brooks Ballard, Hassan Mack, Michael Dominguez, Theresa Tran, M.D., Karla Dominguez, R. Kyle Hawes, Larry Campagna, Jeret Gutierrez, George Connelly, James Benham, Rachel Dvoretzky, Lucy Torres, Marilyn Rose, Capt Ryan Bickley, Jenn Bickley, Mike Mott, Cathy Harwell, Juandalynn Taylor, Martie Vela, Helen Holman, Ralph Vasquez, Vera Vasquez, Conchita Reyes, David Calvillo, Pamela McKellop, Tonja Martin, Agape Ogbonda, Don Robinson, Susan Oehl, Kevin Spencer, Zachary E. Johnson, Brendan P. Harvell, Blake Spencer, Dan Woods, Gary Matesic, Joaquin Jimenez, Sarah Doezema, Jeret Guitterez, Linda Burchett, Martha Olmos, Rodney Vasquez, Ronnie Vasquez, Patrick Perez, Eddie Cortes, Sherra Gilbert, Lauren Herrera, Oscar Lopez, Greg Lindley, Al Flores, James Rodriguez, John Padilla, Lucy Torres, Rayito Stephens, Jeff Lambert, Prof. Craig Jackson, Mercedes Vasquez, Jeanne Vasquez, Sydney Prochazka, Javier Marcos, Brandon Copeland, Brooks Ballard, Chanler Langham, Karen Holloman, Gabriel Vasquez, Jacquelyn Rex, Victor Mondragan, Kendrick McCleskey, Sid Madera, Juan Guerra, Elizabeth Bohorquez, Michelle Shuck, Dario Arellano, Raymond Pantoja, Alfred Rodriguez, Jesse Rodriguez, Noe Moreno, Clyde Young, Richard Hinojosa, Chevo Pastrano, Nick Lanza, Tony Garcia, Tina Tran, David Chang, Georgia Lister, Angela LaMonte, Kim Saltzman, Leticia Gutierrez, Daniel Horowitz, Ron Price, Samuel Vasquez, Kevin Murray, Alex Gonzalez, Roxanne Martinez, Brant Stogner, Imrana Manzanares, Jennifer Stogner, Lena Laurenzo, Angelina Wilke, Dr. D. H Patel, Lacy Wolf, Linda Morales, Brooks Ballard, Tony Garcia, Claudia Macias, Dario Arrellano, Raymond Pantoja, Ripal Patel, Elsa Medina, Sonia Jimenez, Alex Hess, Madeleine Jimenez, Milan Moya, Socorro Cossio, Al Martinez, Marisa Cannon, Melanie Mitchell, Kayden Vasquez, Justess Vasquez, Ralph Vasquez II, Michael Vasquez, Harmoni Webb, Gabriel Vasquez, Anthony Magdeleno, PV Patel, Mahendra Patel, Scott Breittenwischer, Alfred Rodriguez, Natasha Johnson, Paul Nunu, Samantha Martinez, Anthony Martinez, Keith James, Rob Dickson, Alicia Guerrero, James Jamail, Steve Prado, Andreas Boise, Stephanie Nellons-Paige, Juandalynn Taylor, PhD, Marilyn Sims, Ben Dominguez, Tonya Knauth, William Philbin, Jaqueline Davis, Cynthia Cortez, Ken Council, Kory Haywood, Oralia De Luna, Emmanuel Guerrero, Cynthia Reyes Reville, Karen Holloman, Robbie Partida Kipness, Daniel Gonzalez, Melanie Bragg, Tony Buzbee, David Doll, Gerald Womack, Adriana Tamez, Teresa Morales, Constance Fain, Terry Bryant, Herbert Fain, Rachel Gonzalez, Takasha Francis, Lillian Lozano, Beth Owens, Amber Ali, Jennifer Bryson, Danielle Hollis, Armando Hueraca, Ann Clark, Ana Rendon, Gloria Rodriguez


*Probate law firms, or section


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Member of Harris County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign

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Pamela Medina will exemplify a strict adherence to all Judicial Canons:

"The role of the judiciary is central to American concepts of justice and the rule of law. Intrinsic to all sections of the Code of Judicial Conduct are the precepts that judges, individually and collectively, must respect and honor the judicial office as a public trust and strive to enhance and maintain confidence in our legal system."
- Texas Code of Judicial Conduct Preamble

Upholding the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary

An independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to justice in our society. A judge should participate in establishing, maintaining and enforcing high standards of conduct, and should personally observe those standards so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary is preserved. The provisions of this Code are to be construed and applied to further that objective.

CANON 3(B)(4)

A judge shall be patient, dignified and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity.

CANON 3(B)(5)

A judge shall perform judicial duties without bias or prejudice.

CANON 3(B)(8)

A judge shall accord to every person who has a legal interest in a proceeding the right to be heard according to law.

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